Program Committee > A-Z
Deborah Pierce
Chair, CFP2005
Executive Director, Privacy Activism

Kenneth Neil Cukier
Writer, The Economist London

Lenny Foner
MIT Media Lab

Alex Fowler

Pricewaterhouse Coopers

Beth Givens
Founder and director, Privacy Rights Clearinghouse

Robin Gross
IP Justice

Robert Guerra
Director, Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CSPR)
Managing director, Privaterra

Chris Jay Hoofnagle
Director, West Coast Office, Electronic Privacy Information Center

Joanne McNabb
Chief, California Office of Privacy Protection

Stephanie Perrin
Research Coordinator, Anonymity Project
Senior fellow, EPIC
Founder, Digital Discretion Inc.

Robert Ellis Smith
Publisher, Privacy Journal
Steering Committee > A-Z
Hal Abelson
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Lorrie Faith Cranor
Carnegie Mellon University

Carey Heckman
Adjunct Professor, Philosophy & Senior Lecturer, Computer Science
Dartmouth College

Lance J. Hoffman
Distinguished Research Professor, Dept. of Computer Science, GWU

Deborah Hurley

Bruce Koball
Technical Consultant

Deirdre K. Mulligan
Boalt Hall, School of Law

Marc Rotenberg
Electronic Privacy Information Center

Ari Schwartz
Center for Democracy and Technology

Barry Steinhardt
Director Technology and Liberty Program, ACLU

Kent Walker
Deputy General Counsel, eBay Inc.

Jim Warren
Technology-policy advocate
Founder and Chair, 1st Conference on Computers, Freedom & Privacy, 1990